How Airports Make You Feel Less Human

Our flight attendant was funny. “All right everyone. Boarding is complete. Please prepare. We are on our way to…Alaska.” He smiled.   He’s smiling, with dark eyes. He paused. “Oh, I’ sorry. I meant Cleveland Ohio”   I don’t like the way airports are set up, or the way they make me feel. Dehumanized. Its … [Read more…]

One Word that Almost Made Me Cry

As our Spirit plane skimmed low, angling toward the runway, and the wheels jolted on Tocumen soil, was a glimpse of mossy green palm trees in st reet lamp-lit darkness.   My second was this: burdened down with luggage, exhausted from customs and immigration, opening the door to the exit of tocumen airport filled with … [Read more…]

I Miss You Panama

I miss you, Panama I miss your margeritas I miss your splashy foam I miss my home   I miss the pina coladas the smooth burning sand flashy hot-pink flowers gorgeous land…   I miss the fish and rice and beans and chicken and plaintains the canal, and the toucan the bridge and the mountains … [Read more…]

Panama Reflection Poem

From the first minute my eyes landed on the palm trees my heart leaped   plates of fruit pineapple jam strange new faces delicious accents   Hotel hopping, strange soft beds getting intimate knowledge of way too many public restrooms   sampling coffee, loving the thrill of spending money for once   Throwing hasty spanish … [Read more…]

Travel Taught Me I’m Not a Nice Person

I am the type of girl everyone labels “sweet.” I have been described as on-the-ball, perfectionistic, creative, quiet, and many other adjectives, but 90% of the time, people call me sweet.That is the way I am. I always associated “sweet” with “good.” I’m naturally good. I thought. Boy, was I so wrong. I didn’t realize that I … [Read more…]

Three Things Travel Teaches You

Why do I feel like I haven’t slept in days? Oh. Because I haven’t. Just back from Panama, I dragged my luggage out of the car, dragged myself through the snow to my house, and collapsed in bed. Dreams of shivery cold airports, tense moments, and perilously slippery roads haunted me. My first international trip … [Read more…]