How Airports Make You Feel Less Human

Our flight attendant was funny. “All right everyone. Boarding is complete. Please prepare. We are on our way to…Alaska.” He smiled.


He’s smiling, with dark eyes. He paused. “Oh, I’ sorry. I meant Cleveland Ohio”


I don’t like the way airports are set up, or the way they make me feel. Dehumanized. Its almost becoming like germany, slow steps to eventual control. The regulations and rules are too restrictive. No water? Obviously a moneymaking ploy. Taking off our shoes also seems humbling, and stripping off jackets and watches and hats and belts, like we’re getting closer and closer to our real selves, and just ouresvles.


The cues are also humiliating. Waiting like cattle, and holding our luggage like donkeys, subject to the whims of the TSA agents. And the worst part is that its a ruse-sham-hoax. There are no terrorists boarding planes. We know that. We spend hours in airports standing in line for security against imagined threats that




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