I Miss You Panama

I miss you, Panama

I miss your margeritas

I miss your splashy foam

I miss my home


I miss the pina coladas

the smooth burning sand

flashy hot-pink flowers

gorgeous land…


I miss the fish and rice and beans

and chicken and plaintains

the canal, and the toucan

the bridge and the mountains


I miss the tour bus

the driver’s calm hand

on the wheel as we shuttled

across Panama land


I miss the sweet coffee, the fresh fruit

pineapple, manogo, papaya,

cocoa, french toast,

omelets, eggs


I miss the laughter and the laziness

letting tension melt

soaking in a pool of relaxation


Most of all I miss

my friends

fast friends…in just a week


Most of all I miss ourfirendships

formed in just a week


I miss La Hacienda

I miss the Oasis

Because it really was

an oasis.

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