Three Things Travel Teaches You

Why do I feel like I haven’t slept in days?

Oh. Because I haven’t.

Just back from Panama, I dragged my luggage out of the car, dragged myself through the snow to my house, and collapsed in bed. Dreams of shivery cold airports, tense moments, and perilously slippery roads haunted me.

My first international trip was the best experience of my life.

It was also the worst.

I loved Panama, but going to and fro between two countries is not pleasurable (unless you like freezing to death, getting stared at by thousands of strangers,

Basic Necessities are Really Important:

Like how important the basic necessitites are: water, a bathroom,
Travel has taught me that I am not a nice person.

You Hold the Power to Ruin or Salvage Someone Else’s Crummy Day

And how meaningul a smile, a kind word, or a bit of humor can be in a stressful, exhausting situation.

You Are a Bad Person

It humbles you. It strips away the comfort and ease to reveal selfishness, anger, pride, impatience, etc. Travel puts life in persepective, because it makes you think about what’s important in life, what to pack. Whats the most important thing?

Life is Sad

And travel breaks your heart because your always saying goodbye to someone. And many times you never know if you’ll ever see the person again. Travel describes you better. Before going to panama, I thought I was a nic eperson.

But the people in Panama are wonderful (mostly) They americans look so cold. When we walk by eachotehr, we avert our eyes so we dont’ have to have awkward eye contact. The panamanians make eye contact AND say a greeting. Jorge’s son, who picked us up to take us to the copa airlines, is a great example. Young, about 22. Every solicioutious, helping us with bags, beaming widely, driving expertly, interjecting helpful spanish into our horrible attempts. Dad was trying to conjugate “you tested” or something like that and he said “ustedes…probar,=…ustedes probar….” and I was thinking “This his hopeless. We need a book.” when suddenly his son who was driving said, “ustedes probarron” Instantly we all started laughing. He didn’t understand english but he understood we were trying to conjugate spanish.

Heaven is
Travel gives you a glimpse of heaven, and hell. I feel like I know more what heaven will be like now. Heaven is everyone together, laughing, talking, eating, enjoying themselves, making jokes, including eveyone, not thinking about anything else because everthing important is right here. Hell is loneleness and materialism and chasing empty dreas and greed and selfishness and isolation. Hell is not being with people you love.

And that made me realize the most important thing of all,

I live with my family. Travel with my family. Eat with my family. Sleep with my family. And I love them.

I am in Heaven, already. A little slice of Heaven.

The kingdom of Heaven is here already.

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